It’s go time!


Sorry I’ve been MIA the past month but I am back in action! Life got crazy with the end of the semester and then I’ve been going through some personal stuff.

Still making gains in the gym though and excited to see all my hard work paying off.

This summer I’ll be going to two a day workouts: cardio in the morning and weights at night. What are your favorite cardio workouts? I love hearing what works for others as I’ve never been a real cardio junkie before.

My goal is to finally lose these last 10 pounds and lean out 💪this summer.

3 thoughts on “It’s go time!

  1. You got this. I love circuit training. You get an ass-kicking workout in a half hour and burn more calories throughout the day. I haven’t been a fan of steady state cardio for some time, because I get bored with it and tend to plateau with it quick. I like to switch it up; spinning, running intervals, battle ropes, jump rope, kickboxing. So many options! See what you like.


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