Just The Beginning!


Meet Stephanie; my best friend, other half, and partner in crime. Two weeks ago she took the leap and decided it was time to go all in and make a change in her life. In the past she thought she was ready to make a change but something was always holding her back from going all in. I knew with time whatever it was holding her back wouldn’t be enough anymore and she would join me on this amazing adventure. I was going to be ready and patiently waiting. No matter how long it took.

I am SO proud of her, not just in the aspect of fitness but in life. She has had a hard life and constantly faces battles that most would just give up in but this girl, she is a fighter and stronger than anyone I know. I wish I had the mental and emotional strength that this girl has. A few months ago she thought she was ready for a change but shortly after starting developed excuses for committing to this lifestyle. In reality, she could do it but fear was holding her back. She didn’t think she was capable or worthy and she feared judgement from others. Little did she know, when she put those fears aside she would do amazing! Two weeks into her fitness journey she has lost 10 pounds and surpassed every expectation I had for her. She continues to amaze me every day in the gym and I am so excited to see her journey unfold. Her goal is to lose half her body weight in the next year and I am so blessed she has asked me to be by her side each and every step of the way.

Watch out world, this girl is on FIRE and ready to BRING IT this year. Stay tuned for her amazing transformation!

One thought on “Just The Beginning!

  1. That’s awesome! It’s tough to overcome the many fears that come with change. I tried off and on for years to change my life and only recently started finding success, sometimes it’s just finding the right time for you.
    It also helps to have a great support system and it definitely sounds like she has that in you! 🙂

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