No Excuses


I always get asked, “How do you find the time?” because I’m a full time nursing student working two jobs and running my own business. At first I always found excuses to not go to the gym or eat healthy. When I used those excuses, I never got anywhere. I would get down on myself for not reaching the goals I had set for the month and want to give up. When I get in that mind set I remind myself that I didn’t gain the weight and become unhealthy overnight, so I can’t expect to get back overnight. I may be busy and literally have no time in the day to do things but I make it work. I get up and go to school or clinical and I may not get things done with school stuff until 7 o’clock but thats not an excuse. I get my gym bag packed and I head to the gym. Once I’m there I really have no excuse. I have already beat half the battle of getting myself to the gym so why not give it my all. I do this every single day, over and over again and it never gets old because I’m only getting stronger and loving the young lady I’m becoming.

I’ve had to jeopardize many things a long the way and have been judged and critiqued by those around me. Before my transformation, these things would have bothered me but today they just make me push harder. In order to have a successful transformation, I’ve had to learn to focus on what really matters which is me. If I worried about what everyone said about me, I wouldn’t be standing here today the person I am. If you are reading this, my lesson for you no matter where you are in your journey is to never let anyone make you feel you don’t deserve this because you do. You are beautiful/handsome, strong, and determined and you CAN do this! Never give up on something that makes you happy.

I hope you are all having a beautiful day!

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